Strengthening Internal
Audit in Africa

"GOARISC & Oversight" becomes Abilite Partner

In 2013 Hyphen Consultancy was established with the purpose of creating better working lives through well governed organizations. Today an important step is taken in this regard whereby GOARISC & Oversight – Management Consulting based in Nigeria – is selected as a partner of Abilite (Hyphen’s Internal Audit Software) for the African Region.

“Alignment of the vision and values is fundamental to any partnership and collaboration. I am pleased that we found both in this case. Through Abilite, the two organizations are now geared to strengthen Internal Audit functions across Africa. Abilite is not just a tool, it’s a platform that enables Internal Auditors to become more relevant in their respective organizations, provides intellectual content in the form of Industry wide objective, risk & control matrixes, brings in efficiency and helps the Internal Audit leadership to take the pulse of the department’s direction”

Said Faheem Piracha on the occasion. 

When GOARISC & Oversight was conceived in 2020, passion for the professional practice of internal auditing, governance, risk, compliance, and related digital solutions was in our comamon vision. We are happy to sign this agreement on this day (3rd June, 2021) because this event remains the first landmark strategic alliance we envisioned. We believe this partnership with Hyphen Consultancy’s (Pakistan) Abilite (an Internal Audit Management Software) will influence the digital transformation of internal audit practice in Africa.

With the adoption of Abilite in Africa, Internal Audit Managers and Internal Auditors will be in control of their audit engagements from start (planning) to finish (follow-up activities). Those time-wasting administrative activities will be a thing of the past while internal auditors learn and use best practices for performing audit engagements through a smart and responsive digital solution for internal auditors.

We will use Abilite as internal audit practitioners at GOARISC & Oversight and help others in the profession to digitally transform their audit assignments. 

Said Alaba A. Awolaja


GOARISC & Oversight is a Nigeria based Business Consulting practice that is expert in providing governance, internal auditing, risk, compliance, accounting, and related digital technology solutions to public and private organizations. Alaba Awolaja is the Chief Managing Consultant at GOARISC. He is a highly skilled business professional and advisor with over a decade of banking and financial services, accounting, internal auditing, governance, risk management, internal control, and compliance experience. He was also listed as one of the “10 Internal Audit Thought Leaders of 2020” by Richard Chambers, past President and CEO of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

About Hyphen Consultancy

Hyphen Consultancy exists to create better working lives through well governed organizations. Openness, Honesty and balance are the key values that enables us to create the difference for our clients. Through the verticals of Advisory, Solutions and Capacity Development Hyphen solves complex problems in the areas of Governance, Strategy and Transformation. Hyphen is the 1st company in Pakistan to develop an Internal Audit Management Solution, Abilite. The company has served clients in almost all the continents since existence particularly in Middle East. Faheem Piracha is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Hyphen Consultancy. Faheem has more than 20 years of diversified experience within Big 4 and corporate sector. He has served in senior level positions throughout his career in the corporate world. For the past 8 years, has been successfully leading Hyphen.