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From “Where Were” to “Where Are”

What is

Ability is Pakistan’s 1st internal audit software,  developed by Hyphen Consultancy PVT LTD. Abilite empowers Internal Auditors to focus on critical areas and drive organizational success through streamlined & industry-focused auditing processes.

How it

Abilite works as a dedicated internal audit software that enables you to modernize & customize your audit process with flexibility & transparency.  

  • 1

    Audit Planning

Helps to streamline the process, allocate resources & set objectives and timelines for audit. 

  • 2

    Resource Scheduling

Schedule and manage audits efficiently in abilite’s dynamic & flexible dashboards. 

  • 3

    Audit Engagement

Track progress & engages 

auditees in assigned tasks, 

sending actionable automated 

soft reminders for observations. 

  • 4

    Audit Reporting

Ability to quickly generate reports flexibly in any format to suit your organization’s unique needs

  • 5

    Analytics & Follow ups

Graphical analysis & monitoring of potential issues & overall performance. 

Trusted by NADRA

Abilite is proud to announce that its internal audit software has been selected by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for their auditing needs. As a trusted provider of advanced auditing solutions, Abilite’s software offers comprehensive and customizable features that cater to NADRA’s unique requirements. 

Abilite’s internal audit software empowers NADRA with an intuitive interface, automation capabilities, and real-time data analytics to optimize internal audits and ensure regulatory compliance. With Abilite, NADRA can easily track and monitor its audit progress, manage audit findings, and generate detailed reports.

We are honored that NADRA has chosen Abilite as their preferred internal audit software provider. This selection reaffirms our commitment to delivering innovative and reliable auditing solutions to our clients.

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